Friday, September 7, 2012

radio aporee ::: mariborMaps

Within the last months, Patrick McGinley and I have worked on an soundmap of Maribor, Slovenia, during the European Capital of Culture 2012 events, in the frame of the project AS WE SPEAK, by Goethe Institut Ljubljana. The results are quite nice, also thanks to the participation of local artists Petra Kapš, Ana Pečar and Andrej Hrvatin.  Listen to the recordings on the radio aporee ::: maps website.

One of my favourite spots is the flour mill near main station. When in action, its hypnotic sounds can be heard all over the place, for example in Mestni park (recordings taken during a soccer match in the nearby stadium). Surprisingly, most of the Maribor people have never recognized it.

Patrick, Petra and Andrej at work at a small chapel in St.Urban, in the hills near Maribor. Patrick recorded rain in the gutter with his great DIY contact mics.

During the MariborMaps project development, nearly 200 recordings (and still growing) have been gathered from the city and its surroundings. The sound installation MariborMaps for mobiles is a projection of the overall soundmap into an area located around Trg Leona Stuklja. Relative directions are kept as much as possible, so listeners may explore a selection of sounds from Maribor within a comfortable walking distance, from Vinarje to Tezno, and from Mariborski Otok to Melje. The installation is accessible via the radio aporee app for Android phones and will be available at least until the end of 2012. See also MariborMaps for mobiles.

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