Monday, May 12, 2014

mobile streaming continued

a bit of tech info today...

while the raspberry PI (see older posts below) is a nice, rather inexpensive and portable solution for mobile radio streaming, it has shown some problems during daily use. first, it sometimes crashes for no obvious reason, leaving the system in a unusable state. may have been a problem of the SD-card in use, not sure. anyway, it's good to backup a working configuration and have a second card at hand, otherwise the session may be over. second, since it has no display or keyboard, and has to be controlled from a phone app over the internet, it can be quite confusing because of drops and delays, depending on the available network. I think a PI based setup is fine for semi-/stationary audio broadcasts, but for true mobile performances, something else is needed.

so, I've digged into the matter a bit deeper, and this is the best option I've found so far:

studio in a pocket
it's a used iphone 4s, a tascam IXJ2 preamp, and a pair of DIY microphones based on Primo EM172 capsules. the koalaSan streaming app has proven to work stable and reliable. the whole thing can be controlled from the phone's browser, with the radio aporee web app.

metada editor for live sessions
control streaming from html5 web app
since a while, i'm using it often for short live sessions on radio aporee. I'm quite pleased with the results and overall handling. the connection between phone and preamp is a bit fragile, maybe it'd be better to use a cable or fix it with something.

if you like, you can always find a log of some of the most recent sessions at

anyway, now that some of the tech problems are adressed, i'll try to concentrate on what all this is meant for. new radio... stay tuned...