Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ringo Cafe

Sanderstr., Berlin, April 2008,

The sea has passed, to plot is possible, given detachment and a careful angle, all destinations are predictable. And given too, the confidence of distance, strangers may take a hundred neural journeys [...] And even though, on any printed landscape, directions never tell you where to go, maps are an evening comfort to the traveller, a pencil line can quickly take him home.

Some places matter. When they go missing, threads and fragments of ephemeral interwoven biographies may tear away. Without: who knows what's hidden in this word? 

a quiet monday, 5.10.2009

public viewing, 20.9.2009

ventilation pipe, men's toilet, 22.11.2014

last coffee, familiar sounds, 22.11.2014