Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sonic exploration of areas affected by the planned federal motorway A100, Berlin. See also (in german). A project by Henrik Schröder and Udo Noll. Since 2008, Henrik and I have visited this area between Neukölln and Treptow, Berlin, regularly.
In May 2013, the A100 works officially started with a symbolic act. That was the reason for me to visit the allotment area around Beermannstr. / Kieffholzstr., a lovely garden plot, partly abandoned, which will loose ground completely when the Autobahn approaches.

Check the soundmap of the A100 

bx @ Emitter Micro Festival, ausland, Berlin

for the EmitterMicro festival and with my experimental radio device "bx", i've played with
different media spaces more or less simultaneously, utilizing the sonic ecosystem of radio aporee and field recordings from the nearby city surroundings.

The yard at ausland was just perfect. some benches, dry latches, an old table, and a nice atmosphere:

but then a heavy rain started. friendly audience protected me, but i had to cancel the show after 20 minutes.

picture by emitter micro

Peter Cusack, Louis Laurain and Kim Cascone continued with nice performances and lectures in the dry basement.