Friday, September 7, 2012

Global 4'33"

We've recently received an invitation from the World Listening Project, to join a special birthday party.

So, here at radio aporee Berlin, we've celebrated John Cage's 100th birthday with a small performance of 4'33" for 2 players (Henrik Schröder, Udo Noll), 2 cymbals and 2 tuning forks, along with a screening of the film "4 american composers. vol. 1: John Cage" directed by Peter Greenaway in 1983.
photo by Max Holle

Listen to a recording of the performance

In order to extend our audience, i've set up my mobile pirate radio station. the event was broadcasted on the frequency of a pretty shitty station here in Berlin... so we've probably reached quite a lot of listeners...). Here you see the DIY antenna hooked up outside of the space.

Henrik Schröder did a recording of the broadcast as it could be heard with a transistor radio out in the streets, along with some surounding sounds.

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