Friday, September 7, 2012

radio activity

I've recently focussed again on the radio aspects of radio aporee. within the last years, it has continuously played recordings from its global soundmap project. however, it has now turned into an adaptive/reactive/sensorial stream that may (or may not...) recognise and react to events and acivity, e.g. new sound uploads, listeners tuning in, mobile app activity, live input, phone calls, emails etc. it's an ongoing experiment to explore extended concepts and practises related to sound/art and radio, tune in with your favourite player or open on the web.

not everything is working yet, but while listening for many hours during recent weeks, i quite often had the exciting experience of what i'd call radio space:  ephemeral sonic narratives formed by chance and whatever activities, a connectivity cross media and geography, and an intriguing sense of presence and place. of course, all that wouldn't be possible without the many great contributions to the aporee soundmap.

Further, within these radio acticities, i've started working on a piece called bx, broadcast box. it's a portable box containing an 15W FM stereo transmitter, a small 5-channel USB mixer/soundcard, optionally a computer with WIFI and 3G networking, and an energy unit consisting of a 10 or 20W solar panel, control unit and a 12V/10Ah battery for powering the whole thing. the bx will be able to
send, receive and mix between the internet and FM airwaves from any location where a network is available. currently i'm sorting the parts, more on that soon, stay tuned...

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