Thursday, October 11, 2012


so, as announced, here's the first result from recent bricolage works... : the bx!
it's a mobile radio device for entering, exploring and playing with different media spaces more or less simultaneously, at almost any location.

some facts and figures:
  • a 0-15W stereo FM transmitter can enter the whole FM radio band, 88-108MHz
  • the sender is connected to a small USB 5channel mixer/soundcard connected to an eee pc, equipped with various audio and streaming software.
  • the main mix (2 stereo lines, 1 mic line, and computer's audio sum) can be broadcasted to FM and a (e.g. radio aporee) streaming server at the same time (wifi or 3G network given).
  • optionally, the telephone network and radio aporee mobile interfaces (app etc.) can mix into the stream/broadcast too. things to do here...
  • the unit is powered by a 10Ah battery (+ netbook accu) at 5V/USB and 12V, optionally supported by a 10W solar charching unit if weather conditions are fine. that should give some hours of independant outdoor operation...
  • the only thing that doesn't fit into the box for now is the FM antenna. working on...
some pictures:

bx - transport mode
bx - full operation mode
bx - removable solar unit attached
bx - detail view: FM, netbook streamer, power supply

next step is to fine tune the box, set audio and signal levels, and test its range in various conditions (antenna on the roof, in the field, on a hill, etc.). a set of wireless microphones would fit the concept perfectly... more to come, stay tuned...


  1. Wowzer :-) please let us know how you get on.... my local Soundart Radio is setting up something like this for mobile broadcasting, but all via icecast and back to the studio for FM. Our kit is to be limited to the proximity of a plug tho! the solar pannel looks good...