Monday, January 9, 2017

radio aporee ::: ping ensemble

Some notes about a new idea, which potentially can make it into a grown-up project. If you follow the sparse posts here, you know that I have a strong interest in radio, and its possibilities when connected to / exchanging with networks... It's crucial for collaborative in-time adhoc spontaneous etc.pp. (...) radio creation, that the INTERFACE is simple and reliable. Even streaming apps, which are not very complicated to use, once set up, can cause quite some problems and show-stoppers. It needs care-taking and control while operating, aside from additional apps, howtos, manuals, accounts etc.

I've not been actively on any social network so far (don't consider the daily auto-tweeting of new contributions to radio aporee as participation...). BUT now I have created a Telegram account... and a Telegram BOT, which lives on the aporee server. And a group called ping ensemble with already a few members, friends and colleagues. What is it about?

ping ensemble circuit and control interface
Basically, it's a bridge from the Telegram messenger to the aporee ecosystem. Means one can send voice messages and sound files directly from that messenger to radio aporee, where it gets played almost instantly (or whatever modes I'll come up with...) Since people are quite used to this sort of interface, it's the most easy way I can imagine, to get sounds from whatever site and situation into radio aporee. We already had a quick test session of the ping ensemble, to test the reliability of the server side, but in fact it was quite a nice radio piece, a bit eclectic and arbitrary, but interesting. Some 50 sound telegrams arrived within a short time, here and there merging with the field recording on radio aporee.

Is it now a "social radio"? ... I don't care. But I do care about the great possibilities which this tool opens. Shared, distributed, locative, readings, meetings, performances, documentary, sound art... Stay tuned for more...

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  1. what happened to Ping Ensemble? Sounded v promising as a concept. Cannot find it on Telegram