Friday, March 21, 2014

walking in split electro-acoustic realities

Electrical Walks by Christina Kubisch is a work in progress. It is a public walk with special, sensitive wireless headphones by which the acoustic qualities of aboveground and underground electromagnetic fields become audible.

electrical walk (photo by Patrick McGinley)
During the Audiograft Festival, Felicity Ford and I have performed a walk through both the acoustic and electromagnetic realities of Oxford Brooks campus. The signals from Christina's headphones were mixing with the sounds from a microphone, and broadcasted live on  radio aporee. It was quite interesting to see if and how our expectations of the hidden electromagnetic/sonic field correlated with the actual site and its audible environment.

Here's a log of our walk, including all glitches, noise, clipping, network drops and stream fallbacks etc., which naturally belongs to the acoustic patina of radio aporee live performances...

electrical walk part 1

electrical walk part2

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  1. fascinating "live"-mix + performative broadcast ! great work!