Tuesday, August 12, 2014

colabo radio aporee

Tonight, Tuesday August 12, from 7pm to 6am Berlin time, radio aporee is on air on
senderberlin.org FM 88.4 (Berlin) and 90.7 MHz (Potsdam),  and of course online on radio aporee.

As some already know, the permanent radio of radio aporee plays random selections of sounds from the global map -- unless listeners tune in. then a bunch of "agents" start working backstage, bringing back sounds from listener's locations, scanning open microphones (from the locusonus project and others), creating mixes based on text searches, phones calls etc. pp.
 In a way, this radio "listens" to its listeners, their activities, locations, various events, sensors, and so on. recently, "live" has become important, i.e. entering the more or less archive-based stream with ad-hoc performances, sonic interventions from daily situations, or just a few minutes of actual ambience. some are doing that for a few month now, see the log of some past sessions at archive.org (the radio has an archival function which can record a session to archive.org automatically).

although that all is unstable media, and highly experimental, it has proven to work quite nice. so, the idea in mind is a participative radio, created by and shared among interested persons and parties, in between live and archive, sites and situations. it's not about the usual forms and formats of radio production, rather the transient, ephemeral and unexpected. Tune in tonight and get an idea!