Friday, March 21, 2014

walking in split electro-acoustic realities

Electrical Walks by Christina Kubisch is a work in progress. It is a public walk with special, sensitive wireless headphones by which the acoustic qualities of aboveground and underground electromagnetic fields become audible.

electrical walk (photo by Patrick McGinley)
During the Audiograft Festival, Felicity Ford and I have performed a walk through both the acoustic and electromagnetic realities of Oxford Brooks campus. The signals from Christina's headphones were mixing with the sounds from a microphone, and broadcasted live on  radio aporee. It was quite interesting to see if and how our expectations of the hidden electromagnetic/sonic field correlated with the actual site and its audible environment.

Here's a log of our walk, including all glitches, noise, clipping, network drops and stream fallbacks etc., which naturally belongs to the acoustic patina of radio aporee live performances...

electrical walk part 1

electrical walk part2

Thursday, March 13, 2014

audiograft festival Oxford 12-23 March 2014

 I've been at the audiograft festival in Oxford, continuing with my experiments on localized radio, performative broadcasting and affective geographies. During the festival days, i've performed walks, attended meetings and approached situations. This happened more or less spontaneously, so people could tune in to radio aporee at any time to follow the audiograft activities. Many of these sessions have been documented on, see audiograft live session recordings

broadcast from an audioHEARth event at an Oxford pub

broadcast from an audioHEARth event at an Oxford pub

The following two are from the nice Oxford City Market at early afternoon, which i've visited together with Patrick McGinley. Felicity Ford joined us later.

Oxford City market part 1

Oxford City market part 2

Friday, February 28, 2014

radio aporee ::: Marrakesh broadcasts

Marrakesh Souk
Today I've made a series of soundwalks through the Souks (markets) in the Medina of Marrakesh. Some of theses places and encounters I've shared live with listeners on radio aporee while walking, or resting in the shadow. Here are some sonic logs of today's promenades radiophonique (beware, there are glitches and dropouts of all sort in the recorded audio. That's because of the instable media I'm using, live streaming over more or less reliable mobile networks and the like. To expect and not  problem at all. Also, these recordings are made with the radio aporee stream recorder directly to, without any editing etc.):

Cafe Laksour, noisy street ambience

at the edge of Jemaa El Fna square

walk over Jemaa El Fna square

Medina, somewhere lost in the Souks

Medina, in the Souks, Qu'ran radio

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

trading urban stories - سوق حكايات المدينة

radio aporee is invited by Berlin based artists Berit Schuck and Julia Tieke, to collaborate on a 12h experimental radio program during the Marrakesh Biennale.

"Trading Urban Stories" reloads and combines "A Sonic Map of Alexandria containing twenty audio pieces about the Egyptian metropolis by the sea with"Here an Now. Voices of Marrakech", a radio happening inside and around the Old City of Marrakech.

Curators: Berit Schuck and Julia Tieke

Artists: Anna Raimondo, Burak Arikan, C-drík, Doudy Brocolis Widdy, Ennajraoui Noureddine, Greta Tiedje, Lisa Tiedje, Ghassan Waïl, Hassan Hajjaj, Kamal Laftimi, Jalal El Allouli, Radio Papesse, Udo Noll, residents of  the Medina of Marrakech and special guests

Tune in to nessradio tomorrow, Feb.27, at noon

Thursday, October 24, 2013

mobile live audio streaming with a Raspberry PI

From time to time i get obsessed with non-stationary audio streaming, esp. in the context of the radio aporee continuous stream. As you may know, this station plays random selections of the 20000+ recordings from the aporee soundmap, but also reacts and interferes with listeners, activities in the field and a couple of live microphones from the locusonus project.

The broadcast box is one of the experimental tools to engage with sound in public space, it directly hooks onto the current broadcast and allows to play inbetween places, situations and archive recordings, right where you are at the moment. However, it's quite a bulky bunch of gear to carry around.

This setup is he latest of my experiments in that field. The unit left is a Raspberry PI, a little 40€ pocket size computer running Linux, connected to a USB battery which lasts for a day, and an Olympus LS5 recorder connected to the PI via USB. The stick attached to the PI is an UMTS/3G modem for mobile Internet access.

In short, this assembly is a complete mobile radio broadcast unit, which allows to send live sound in crispy stereo to radio aporee (or elsewhere), on-the-go. Of course, without a network the whole thing is pretty useless...

I still have to do some elaborated tests, and have to improve reliability, but the concept already seems very promising. If you are interested in tech details, let me know. tbc.

edit Sat. Nov. 2nd :

today i did a short test while washing my stuff in the laundry at Ohlauer Str, Berlin Kreuzberg. it worked pretty well it seems, got some feedback from listeners. with the stream2archive recorder on i made two 15min. snapshots of "the show":

laundry, Berlin Kreuzberg, part 1:

laundry, Berlin Kreuzberg, part 2:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A100 - construction work progress

see also this previous post, and the sound map of the A100 area

The construction work for the A100 motorway in Berlin continues. A few month ago, in the area around Kiefholzstr., Berlin, many of the abandoned allotment garden houses have been squatted by homeless Sinti and Roma families, not totally sure about this though. They made a sort of living from collecting and selling metal scrap found in this area, kids were playing in the waste lands between the train tracks and the remaining allotments.

Here's a recording of that area, from this summer. A woman is washing, kids are playing in the green. see also radio aporee ::: maps - allotment, Mergenthalerring, Neukölln, Berlin

6 weeks later, August 17, 2013, the houses have been demolished

only the sound of the mobile concrete factory can he heard

October 11, 2013, construction work continues

the sound of the excavator, echoing in the landscape

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuned City Brussels 2013 - bx in action

fmwalks/bx was the title of a series of sonic interventions in the city of Brussels, during the Tuned City festival. It was also a proof of concept, of how the system can be applied to places, what forms and formats would be possible and challenging. It turned out to be useful to have a wireless microfone available. People picked up the wireless for browsing around, into the nearby area, so I could mix the soundscape around the bx with the details and findings of their walking performance, along with other intersections with the radio aporee ::: maps etc. All walks and interventions were live broadcasted on the radio aporee ::: stream and occasionally into the FM space. By using a sort of virtual recorder on aporee, i could record and archive some of these sessions by simply touching a button on my mobile phone. Listen to some of the sonic traces on

preparing the bx at QO2. photo by Carsten Stabenow

Brussels, Botanique, spontaneous interferences with Christina Kubisch's Electrical Walks
Botanique, airwaves

Parvais de Saint Gilles, Saturday market walks
city places - radio spaces ::: Chausée de Waterloo, Galerie Rivoli
Haren, finally some sun, charging the box (photo by C.Stabenow)